I am a wedding and portrait photographer currently residing in Raleigh, NC. I have previously lived and worked in Philadelphia.

During my time in Philly, I walked around the great city and documented its beauty from all angles. I bring the same approach to the events I cover. My photojournalistic style is about capturing the emotion of the moment. I want my clients to relive the day when they are going over the albums. 

If you like my work and need a photographer for an upcoming event around North Carolina, it will be an honor to offer my services. If you want photos that play with lights and colors, blend wide dynamic ranges, and capture the true emotion of the moment, I'm your guy.

I pride myself on taking good care of my clients. Your photos will be worked on until you are completely satisfied. You will receive free large prints. You will always be able to purchase any photo from my portfolio at a discount in order to decorate your home. And lots more. 

I maintain my portfolio in two separate locations – saffrontalesphoto.com is my portfolio for weddings, and rout-photo.com is my portfolio for all else. I draw on skills and techniques from various genre of photography to cover all aspects of the event. 

Portfolio sites: 

saffrontalesphoto.com // fb.com/saffrontalesphoto
rouf-photo.com // fb.com/roufphoto